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Spotlight Minikyclos LKM 18W 2450lm 4000K white

Ref. number: 717-161A-21
Other possible colors:
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Lighting Fixtures
yes - LED
18 W
2450 lm
4000 K
symmetric 30°
extruded aluminium, thermoplastic
L163 H88
LKM Round, LKM Square, LKM Recessed

Minikyclos is a compact spot for LKM 3-phase electrified tracks, specially designed to be equipped with COB LEDs of last generation. It is available with different colour temperatures, 3000K and 4000K. 
Minikyclos has a body with a compact design, well in balance with the tiltable spot head and its extremely compact size, the versatility of the light beams make this spotlight the ideal solution as accent lighting in shops, showrooms, art galleries and museums. 

  • The head screen is in clear thermoplastic material, backpainted for a brighter and deeper effect, contrasting with the embossed finishing of the aluminium body. 
  • The fitting is characterized by an innovative passive heat dissipation system.
  • Orientation: 350° with respect to the vertical and horizontal axis.
  • Colour options: white, black and silver (on demand)
  • Indoor installation
  • Applications: Museums, Retail, Shops, Showrooms
  • A range of professional optics are available as accessories, to get different beam angles: they can be easily replaced without tools.
  • A version with base for wall or ceiling mounting is also available


Versions of Minikyclos



Colour T:



  • 18W
  • 3000К
  • white
  • for LKM-track
  • 26W
  • 4000К
  • black
  • with base for ceiling/wall 
  • 27W
  • silver*


*on demand


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