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THERMO ICE Wi-Fi Thermostat +5°C to +40°C

Ref. number: GW16972CN
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VAT included. VAT not included.
12-24V AC/DC
1NO / NC 5A(AC1) 250V AC
From +5°C to +40°C

Thermo ICE and Thermo ICE WiFi thermostats

The thermostats manage the temperature of the room where they are installed. The temperature is regulated by commanding the solenoid valve or the heating/
cooling system with a two-way logic, via the local relay.
The thermostats, realized with a glass surface, are equipped with a white LED backlit display, touch commands, circular touch slider, RGB signalling LED and
include a sensor for measuring the room temperature and a proximity sensor for activating the back-lighting when the user approaches it.
- 2 types of operation: heating and cooling with independent control algorithms;
- 2 types of control: HVAC or Setpoint;
- 4 HVAC operating modes: OFF (anti-freeze / high temperature protection), Economy, Precomfort and Comfort, with a specific parameter for regulating the
temperature for each mode;
- control algorithms for 2-way systems: two ON/OFF points or PI proportional with PWM control;
- 1 relay output with NO/NC contact;
- 1 input for a potential-free contact for the window contact function;
- 1 input for temperature NTC external sensor (e.g: protection sensor for underfloor heating).
The thermostats Thermo ICE WiFi have a built-in WiFi interface for the connection to domestic WLAN/internet and the management via APP. Thanks to
the «THERMO ICE» APP, it is possible to control the thermostat and display its operating state, set the parameters, define the temperature profiles (timed
thermostat function), enable the self-learning function for the daily profiles.
The «Thermo ICE» APP is available for smartphone and tablet running iOS and Android operating systems and requires a Cloud connection to reach the
Thermo ICE and Thermo ICE WiFi thermostats


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